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Eagle's Wings | Whole Bean | 3oz Welcome Sample Pack

The perfect way to get started in fueling your BOLD side. This welcome sample pack includes:

  • (1) 3oz pack of Whole Bean fresh Eagle's Wings Medium Roast Specialty coffee. This meticulously sourced USDA Organic, Fair Trade certified blend from Columbia, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, and Sumatra will put a smile on your face. 
  • (1) BOLD3 Wristband - Wear for encouragement to be BOLD for Jesus, to glorify Him in all that you do, and invite Him wherever you go.
  • (1) Impact Story postcard
  • (1) Bookmark - Use this as you fuel you bold side with Jesus and His life-changing Word.
  • This purchase sends God's Word to 3 Children!


Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
BOLD3 Coffee

For the past 2+ years I begin each day with an amazing cup of BOLD3’s not only great coffee but knowing that I’m helping others is heartfelt.
Through your automatic replenishment program I look forward each month to the arrival of another bag.

Thank you BOLD3 team!
Daryl N

Daryl, being one of the first members of the BOLD3 Coffee Club, you've played a crucial role in getting this ministry off the ground and your continual support is helping us reach more children for Christ than ever before. We are so grateful for your faithfulness and are honored to be your daily cup of coffee. God bless you!
Great Coffee, Greatest Cause!

The Eagle's Wings coffee is some of the best coffee I have tasted so far in my life. It is so smooth and has such distinct flavor. I look forward to my coffee more so now than before. Interestingly enough, Isaiah 40:31 has been one of my life verses and I have leaned on it many many times. I love that this company spreads God's Word to children around the world. There is nothing more important than that and I am thankful that I get to be a part of that by purchasing your coffee! Thank you Bold3 for a great coffee experience!

Thank you for joining the mission, Melanie! We're so grateful for your support. We love Isaiah 40:31! It's such a great truth that God carries us when we don't have the strength to carry on ourselves. When we are weak, He makes us strong! Glad to hear you're enjoying the smoothness and distinct flavor that embodies this roast. Lifting you up, friend!
Filling your soul and giving you energy

My husband loves how we can drink this coffee black, it taste so good with and without creamer! I love how my purchase can help share the Good News to three children. We all belong to good and we are all need to here the Good News. Thank you for your coffee and spreading the Word!

Ashley, we're so glad you and your husband are loving the Eagle's Wings roast! Yes and AMEN! What a gift it is to join hands with you to spread the Good News! Thank you for all of your support! We are lifting you up!