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Christmas Gift

I bought my parents a coffee subscription for Christmas. It showed up on time, my parents love the cause behind it, and the taste! Proud to support this amazing coffee company.

Erik! Thank you for leaving a review! We are so glad that your parents love the coffee and the cause. Thank you for spreading the love and being a BOLD man of God! We are grateful for you and honored to walk alongside you in Christ!
Coffee with Jesus Bundle

My family does a white elephant gift exchange for Christmas so I purchased the Coffee with Jesus Bundle. Needless to say, the bundle was a huge hit! Everyone wanted the gift!

Thanks for leaving a review, TJ! This so creative! We love it and are glad the Coffee with Jesus Bundle was a hit! Thank your for changing lives around the world through your support!
Awesome gift and Delicious Coffee!

I got this bundle as a gift for my mom. She is a dark roast, Bible loving gal, and let me tell you, she loved every part of this present. The coffee tastes so good, and the fact that we were able to bless 10 kids with Bibles... well, let’s just say my mom CRIED when she read that. I don’t think she’s ever cried receiving a gift. It came in such a beautifully packaged box, and it felt so special. Another thing my mom commented on for the devotional, was that she really liked the font size and how it’s easy to read. She also felt like she would be able to pass it on to her mom (who is 90) and she would be able to read it easily as well. Anyway, thank you BOLD3 Coffee for giving me the ability to give someone such a special and meaningful gift. 🤗 ☕️

Stephanie, thank you for writing this wonderful message. We are in tears reading it. It brings us so much joy to know that your Mom loved it and had that response. God is so incredible. Thank you for spreading His love and supporting the mission of sending it around the world! Wishing you, your Mom and family a Merry Christmas!
Love the coffee love the mission

Love supporting young adults loving Jesus and wanting to spread the gospel!

Thank you for joining the mission for Jesus, Paula! We are so happy you love your coffee and are grateful for your support!
A great way to start a new day!

The bundle arrived beautifully packed. The ribbons and confetti added such a welcoming touch. The cabin-inspired themed mug is very durable with its ceramic and it insulates very well. It’s the perfect mug to hold either at home/cabin or outside by a cozy fire. The 7-day devotional included in this bundle is beautiful and excellent to read with your cup of BOLD3 Coffee! Each daily devotional has a theme and image tied with Christ’s “I AM” passages. For each day, there is also a pause and pray as well as a place to record notes. The devotions don’t take too long to read and can easily be fit into your morning coffee or a short break/lunchtime. We selected the Eagles Wings coffee for our order. This coffee is amazing! My husband and I have a blog called Brewing Wisdom where we review coffee and we were so excited to share BOLD3 coffee on there. The Eagle’s Wings blend was a pleasant, smooth and all around enjoyable roast. The difference in the appearance stands out as soon as you open the bag. These 4 individual coffees come together beautifully. It’s a solid medium bodied coffee with a bit of acidity and barely noticeable level of bitterness. The flavor that really stood out was a mixture of earthiness and chocolate. The coffee then gave a slightly nutty aftertaste. We look forward to enjoying the rest of this bag over the coming week knowing that as this coffee fills us, it will enable 3 children in the world to have access to a Bible they may have never had otherwise.

Thank you for writing this beautiful and thorough review! We are so grateful for your support and are glad you love your Coffee with Jesus Bundle! Lifting you up, friends!
BOLD3 is more then tasting great... they are motivational to many!

The more and more I learn about BOLD3 the more I am impressed. I am encouraged and challenged by their motivation to be BOLD in the world, home and heart. Ever since getting to wear my starter kit bracelet I have been reminded more to be BOLD for Christs name, love and glory. It's not easy by far, but is possible with the strength and motivation from God.
2 Corthinians 4:16-18

Thankful for them letting God work through them for His Glory and Word to go out!
God bless all your guys hands find doing!

Bethany, thank you for being a blessing to this ministry and shining Christ's light everywhere you go. We're honored to walk alongside you and lift His name high! We're so happy you're loving your Coffee with Jesus Bundle! Lifting you up in prayer!
Coffee with Jesus Bundle!!

Love the new Bold3 Coffee with Jesus Bundle! It came so fast after I ordered it! The faith can move mountains mug is so beautiful! The devotional is a wonderful start to the day along with the best coffee around!!😋 Love the coffee ☕️ and the best part is how this coffee is helping children all around the world receive the best news in the world, Jesus!! 🥰💖☕️💕 💯

WOW! We love the picture with the Christmas bulbs, Julia! Amazing! Thank you so much for joining us on this mission to reach every child in the world with Jesus! We're so happy you're loving your Coffee with Jesus Bundle. Lifting you up, friend!
My husband is in Heaven with this dark roast!

Isaac, my husband, had a sample of the Strong and Courageous coffee about 6 months ago. He kept asking me if we could change our subscription to this roast because it’s the best we have ever had! What’s even better, is we know we can Glorify the Lord by spreading His name while drinking the Strong and Courageous! In love!
Thank you for making it available for our subscription Bold3 team! Praying for continued success in your mission!

LOVE this, Hollie! Thank you for your feedback on the Strong & Courageous Roast. Our hearts are filled with joy to hear it's the best you've ever had. What an honor! Thank you for blessing this ministry with your encouragement and support. Much love to you and yours!
Beautifully Written Devotional

This devotional is perfectly paired with my morning coffee! It is beautifully written, and the content is inspiring and encouraging. I enjoyed and looked forward to reading it every morning.

Thank you for your feedback, Rachel! We're so glad you're enjoying your Coffee with Jesus devotional!
Strong and Courageous Dark Roast Coffee! 🤗😋☕️

Love this dark roast coffee and the mission behind it is awesome! Bold3 is the perfect gift! I loved receiving this as a gift from my cousin Rach and now I’m hooked!!😋☕️ Going to gift my fellow coffee drinking friends this amazing Bold3 coffee!! To a coffee that is strong and a mission that is courageous! ☕️💪🙏🙌👏💕😋☕️🤗🤩☕️

Woohoo! We're so glad you loved your gift and are now paying it forward. What a BOLD act of kindness! Thank you for your support and providing hope to children around the world! You are changing lives forever.

NEW! Strong & Courageous | Dark Roast | 10 oz

Thank you for the review, Laura! Glad you're enjoying the Strong & Courageous Roast! Blessings to you!
Heavenly coffee!!

Robust flavor, smooth finish 🌸. Delicious!!

Ahh so glad you're enjoying your coffee, Pamela! Thank you for reaching children around the world with the hope of Jesus. We love and appreciate you so much!

Eagle's Wings | Medium Roast | 1 LB (16oz)

Kathryn! Thank you so much for being a BOLD3 Coffee Club member! Your support is changing lives. Lots of love and prayers headed your way!


Thanks for the review, Maryam! Glad you're enjoying your coffee!
Great coffee

Tried the medium roast coffee, excellent, looking forward to trying the dark roast next.

Thank you for joining the mission, Steven! We're so grateful. Happy to hear you thought the medium roast was excellent. Blessings!
Drinking a cup of Love

Hey this coffee is awesome. Love being a part of spreading the Love and Word of Jesus ❤️

Love the picture, Kathy! Thank you for joining us on this mission to spread the Love and Word of Jesus! Lifting you, your family and all of your friends up!

I saved my first glass for my first day in Canada and I don’t think there’s a better way to take in the Rocky Mountains than with a hot cup of BOLD3 coffee!!

WOW, Mackenzie! Now that’s a mountaintop experience! We’re honored to be chosen for that monumental cup! Thank you for joining the mission and becoming a BOLD3 Coffee club member. Have a great rest of your trip!
Awesome gift, awesome coffee!

The gift crate is extremely cool. It looks great and I think a overall good value.

Thanks for the review, Jay! Glad the gift crate met your expectations! So grateful to have you alongside us on this mission for Jesus! Much love to you, friend.

Hoooray for summer's warm sunny days; time for my favorite cold brew cup of joe. I start with good beans coarsely ground, add filtered water and steep in the fridge overnight. Wow. I was ecstatic how delicious my cold brew tasted. Best of all is knowing how much more my cold brew is bringing to 3 children. My day couldn't get any better. BTW, Daryl N introduced me to Bold3 Coffee. If he isn't the head of marketing and promotion, he should be!

Thank you so much for the thoughtful review, Lisa! We LOVE cold brew especially during these hot Summer days. Glad you're enjoying it! Thank you for making a huge impact on children around the world by joining the BOLD3 Coffee Club! Much love to you! And haha yes, Daryl is an incredible promoter! We're so grateful for him.

Eagle's Wings | Medium Roast | 1 LB (16oz)

Sarah, thank you for the review and joining us on this mission to spread the hope of Jesus to children around the world! Lifting you up, friend!
Bold3 Coffee

Bold3 Coffee has been an amazing experience! My husband and I avid coffee drinkers, so taste is important to us. The Medium Roast has been a delightful way to start our mornings - especially when we’re wrangling our two young children.
What truly drew me to begin ordering from Bold3 is the fact that not only is it organic and fair trade (which I deeply appreciate, and try to buy items either for myself, my family or our home that are intentional in giving dignity and sustainability to its workers) but it also gives 3 children the resources and opportunity to hear the best news that will change their lives! The Gospel is deeply important to our family, as we’ve seen this best news change our lives and our families’ lives in the most amazing ways.
Buy yourself a bag (or two, or more!) from Bold3. You will not regret it.

Michele! We are so grateful to have you on board this mission. Thank you for spreading the best news ever to children around the world through your support! We're glad you appreciate the fair trade and organic sourcing of our beans. It's very important to us that we love our neighbors in all facets of our ministry! Much love to you and your family!

BOLD3 Coffee | Eagle's Wings | Medium Roast

Thank you for joining the mission, Lacey! We're happy to hear you like your coffee! Blessings!
Great coffee at a great price

Phonimonal coffee for an amazing price. What a great mission as well.

Awesome to hear, Raina! Thank you for joining the mission! Blessings to you!
Best Coffee and Sharing God’s Word

This coffee is THE BEST. Not only can you enjoy your cup in the morning, but while you drink, you know you provides God’s Word to those who haven’t heard it yet. Seriously can’t get enough of how clever BOLD3 is with this ministry. You are also supporting a small family whom I dearly love; love you Jess!

Hollie, you are AMAZING! We're so glad you think BOLD3 Coffee is the best! Thank you for joining hands with us to spread the love of Jesus to precious children around the world! So much love to you, friend!
Great coffee, better mission!

Loving the bold, strong flavor of Eagle's Wings! We have replaced our Caribou Lakeshore blend with this one. So satisfying.

KAYLA! We're so glad you love the Eagle's Wings blend! We can't thank you enough for your support and choosing BOLD3 as your regular coffee. Much love to you!