French press brew guide

French Press

The French press is known as a coffee plunger. It is underrated but it's cheap, easy, and repeatable. With most coffee brewing methods, the water runs through coffee. With the French Press, the coffee and water steep together to produce a consistent extraction. The metal filter allows more oil and small coffee pieces into your cup for a bigger and richer body. 

You will need: French Press, Kettle, Stirring Spoon, Scale (optional), Timer, Burr Grinder, Cold Filtered Water, and Fresh BOLD3 Coffee.

Brew ratio: use 2 Tablespoons coffee for every 6oz. of water. For a standard press of 32oz, use 53 grams of coffee (about 8 Tablespoons) to 800 grams (28 ounces or 3 & 1/2 cups) of water.

Grind level: Coarse (breadcrumb consistency)

Brew time: 4 min.


1.) Weigh out and grind 53 oz. (about 8 Tablespoons) coffee right before brewing.  

2.) Grind coffee to coarse (breadcrumb and sea salt consistency) 

3.) Boil in kettle 800 grams of cold, filtered water 

4.) Put ground coffee in the French Press

5.) Once water is off the boil, fill press with water halfway to the top.  Start timer.  

6.) At 30 seconds, once the grounds have "bloomed", stir the grounds at the top with a wooden spoon.

7.) Pour the remaining amount of water into press.

8.) Place the lid gently on top of the grounds. Don’t plunge yet. Steep the coffee for 4 minutes. 

9.) At the 4 min. mark, firmly push the press down. TIP: if the press is hard to push down, the grind is too fine. If the press sinks down and thumps to the bottom quickly, the grind is too coarse.

10.) Once you have finished pressing, serve the coffee right away or pour coffee in a carafe. If the coffee sits in brewer,  it will continue brewing and over-extract, leaving you with a bitter cup.

11.) Pour your heavenly handcrafted coffee into your favorite mug. Ahhhhh, heavenly. Praise Jesus!

12.) To clean your French Press, add a little water to the grounds, swirl, and empty grounds into the trash.

Heavenly handcrafted coffee