Espresso originated in Italy and the first espresso machine was patented in 1905. For most espresso drinkers, the desired result is the strength and the thick foam layer at the top known as, Crema (italian for cream). Not only is the coffee and artful steps important, the equipment is everything when it comes to great espresso. 

You will need: Espresso Machine, Small Coffee Cup, Double Basket, Bottomless Portafilter, Burr Grinder, Scale (optional), Tamper, Timer, and Eagle's Wings BOLD3 Coffee.

Brew ratio: We recommend a 1:1.5 or 1:2 ratio (with brewed coffee, we measure coffee input and water input, but when making espresso it's coffee input and beverage output). For a double standard shot, use 19-21g ground coffee to 30g espresso shot. 

Grind level: Very Fine 

Brew time: 30 seconds


1.) Fill the reservoir in your espresso machine with filtered water.

2.) Run a small amount of water through the group head to preheat machine.

3.) Make sure the basket of the portafilter is clean - wipe with dry cloth to remove residue and any leftover grounds.

4.) Place portafilter on scale and tare the weight. 

5.) For a double shot, grind between 19-21 grams of coffee into your basket (fine to very fine grind, adjust accordingly). Place portafilter on scale to reach 19-21 grams of coffee.

5.) Remove the portafilter from the scale and tamp the coffee in the basket, using a tamper to flatten grounds. Keep your wrist straight and do this on an even surface- push downward enough to seal coffee evenly. When finished pushing down, spin the tamper a bit to polish grounds. This allows for air to be minimized and a more even, balanced shot to be produced.

5.) Carefully lock the portafilter into the brew head portion of machine. Place small ceramic cup underneath to receive coffee.

6.) Start brewing and start timer. We recommend 30 seconds. 

7.) When timer reaches 30 seconds, stop the machine. An indicator is when the shot starts to turn yellow and thickens. Once this begins, stop the machine.

8.) Enjoy the rich crema, bold flavor, and strong aroma! Ahhhhh, heavenly. Praise Jesus!

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