The friendly coffee maker. Most households in America have one for convenience and ease of use. It's dependable and takes most of the guesswork out, along with being consistent each brew. This is a trusted brewer to get the job done quickly and easily, especially with blessed little ones.  

You will need: Automatic Coffee Maker, Paper Filter, Measuring Spoon, Cold Filtered Water, and Fresh BOLD3 Coffee.

Brew ratio: 2 Tablespoons for every 8 oz. of water

Grind level: Medium  

Brew time: 3 - 5 min. but varies for each maker


1.) Pour desired amount of cold, filtered water into coffee maker.  

2.) If using whole bean coffee, grind coffee right before brewing. Ratio: Use 2 tablespoons coffee for every 8 oz. of water. Adjust accordingly.  

3.) Put paper filter in brewing basket, then rinse under hot tap water. 

4.) Place brewing basket back in machine and add desired amount of coffee into filter.

5.) Press "brew" or turn machine to "on"

6.) Once brew is finished, discard paper filter and grounds.

7.) Pour your heavenly handcrafted coffee into your favorite mug. Ahhhhh, heavenly. Praise Jesus!

EXTRA TIPS: Adjusting the grind size is the best way to change the flavor rather than amount of coffee. For larger volumes of coffee, use a coarser grind.  Also, not all machines are created equal. We recommend using a coffee maker without a heating plate, as this cooks the coffee. Choose instead a machine that stores coffee in a thermal carafe. Look for a machine that is certified to reach the correct temperature for brewing. 

heavenly handcrafted coffee

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