The AeroPress is inexpensive, durable, and portable. It is a hand-operated blend between an espresso machine and a filter coffee maker. It was invented in 2005 by Alan Adler. Many different techniques and recipes can be used with an AeroPress.

You will need: AeroPress, AeroPress Filters, AeroPress Funnel, Kettle, Burr Grinder, Scale (optional), Cold Filtered Water, and Fresh BOLD3 Coffee.

Brew ratio: 15 grams coffee to 7 oz (200 g) of water. For results similar to espresso, increase coffee amount to your preference.

Grind level: Fine (slightly finer than sea salt). 

Brew time: 1 - 1.5min.


1.) Grind 15 grams of coffee

2.) Put an AeroPress filter into the filter holder and lock into the brewer. Run hot water through filter to preheat and rinse paper.

3.) Place a mug on your scale and put the main part of brewer on top. Add the coffee.

4.) Boil a kettle of cold, filtered water and wait 15-20 seconds after boil. 

5.) Turn on the scale and add the desired amount of water to the AeroPress (for 15g of coffee, add 200g of water). Start the timer. 

6.) Stir the coffee, and put the piston of AeroPress in place, seal it but don't push down yet. 

7.) After 1 minute of brewing, take the mug and brewer off the scale. Push down on the plunger until all liquid has been pushed through.  

8.) Remove the AeroPress from the mug, discard coffee, and clean out well.  

9.) Pour your heavenly handcrafted coffee into your favorite mug. Ahhhhh, heavenly. Praise Jesus!

EXTRA TIPS: The combination of grind size, brew time, and amount of water is very important. For the best results, decide what kind of cup you want to drink. Something short and strong (more grounds and finer grind) or regular cup of coffee (15g of coffee at a slightly coarser grind than fine espresso grind).