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NEW! Coffee with Jesus Bundle

Whole Bean/Ground

Introducing the Limited-time only, Coffee with Jesus Bundle!

Perfect way to start your morning while making a difference for children around the world! This Coffee with Jesus Bundle makes a great Christmas gift too. 

Every Bundle purchased delivers God’s Word to 7 Children! 

This bundle was inspired to equip you with an amazing morning routine - with Jesus, Coffee, and His Word. In fact, this is how BOLD3 was born. This bundle was inspired by our cabin experiences up north, when we would gather in community, drink coffee, and study the Bible together. This experience changed our lives, so we wanted to recreate it for you.

Limited-time only Coffee with Jesus Bundle includes: 

  • 10 oz. BOLD3 Coffee Bag (Your choice of Light, Medium, or Dark Roast in Whole Bean or Ground)
  • Coffee with Jesus Devotional
  • 12 oz. Faith can Move Mountains Campfire Mug


  • Free Shipping On Orders Over $40

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Coffee with Jesus Bundle

My family does a white elephant gift exchange for Christmas so I purchased the Coffee with Jesus Bundle. Needless to say, the bundle was a huge hit! Everyone wanted the gift!

Thanks for leaving a review, TJ! This so creative! We love it and are glad the Coffee with Jesus Bundle was a hit! Thank your for changing lives around the world through your support!
Awesome gift and Delicious Coffee!

I got this bundle as a gift for my mom. She is a dark roast, Bible loving gal, and let me tell you, she loved every part of this present. The coffee tastes so good, and the fact that we were able to bless 10 kids with Bibles... well, let’s just say my mom CRIED when she read that. I don’t think she’s ever cried receiving a gift. It came in such a beautifully packaged box, and it felt so special. Another thing my mom commented on for the devotional, was that she really liked the font size and how it’s easy to read. She also felt like she would be able to pass it on to her mom (who is 90) and she would be able to read it easily as well. Anyway, thank you BOLD3 Coffee for giving me the ability to give someone such a special and meaningful gift. 🤗 ☕️

Stephanie, thank you for writing this wonderful message. We are in tears reading it. It brings us so much joy to know that your Mom loved it and had that response. God is so incredible. Thank you for spreading His love and supporting the mission of sending it around the world! Wishing you, your Mom and family a Merry Christmas!
A great way to start a new day!

The bundle arrived beautifully packed. The ribbons and confetti added such a welcoming touch. The cabin-inspired themed mug is very durable with its ceramic and it insulates very well. It’s the perfect mug to hold either at home/cabin or outside by a cozy fire. The 7-day devotional included in this bundle is beautiful and excellent to read with your cup of BOLD3 Coffee! Each daily devotional has a theme and image tied with Christ’s “I AM” passages. For each day, there is also a pause and pray as well as a place to record notes. The devotions don’t take too long to read and can easily be fit into your morning coffee or a short break/lunchtime. We selected the Eagles Wings coffee for our order. This coffee is amazing! My husband and I have a blog called Brewing Wisdom where we review coffee and we were so excited to share BOLD3 coffee on there. The Eagle’s Wings blend was a pleasant, smooth and all around enjoyable roast. The difference in the appearance stands out as soon as you open the bag. These 4 individual coffees come together beautifully. It’s a solid medium bodied coffee with a bit of acidity and barely noticeable level of bitterness. The flavor that really stood out was a mixture of earthiness and chocolate. The coffee then gave a slightly nutty aftertaste. We look forward to enjoying the rest of this bag over the coming week knowing that as this coffee fills us, it will enable 3 children in the world to have access to a Bible they may have never had otherwise.

Thank you for writing this beautiful and thorough review! We are so grateful for your support and are glad you love your Coffee with Jesus Bundle! Lifting you up, friends!